About Us

CYA Apparel is a new venture we started in October 2016. Our goal is to deliver quality and edgy designs for everyone to be able to express themselves with their every day clothing needs.

Our team is made of Crystal Ford, me, who is owner, designer, and webmaster. (So you can blame me for all the website failures, but in my defense, we have been just getting started and starting a business is kind of chaos. lol) I have been designing and running a design business since 2004 when I started Design By Crystal. I have been designing about everything from clothing to wedding invitations to canvas signs. I started screen printing in 2012, about 5 years ago. And have been struggling to keep up with all the demands of running a business on my own. I started CYA Apparel with Audrey Corke when I discovered her word magic. lol She can come up with very funny and sarcastic sayings so I asked her if she wanted to start a business with me for clothing and screen printing and she said “hell yeah!.” So we have been trying to get this going ever since.

Audrey heads our marketing, sales, and customer service department and is also co-owner with me in CYA Apparel. She has been doing a great job on updating all of our social media and getting the new designs out to the public. Audrey got her degree in Interior Decorating about 4 years ago in 2014. So, I rely on her all the time for her expert opinion.

We are also proud to announce that we are now donating a portion of all sales to veterans funds and other charities. If we do cancer shirts or other worthy cause shirts, we will donate a portion to that cause. But if they are just one or our other designs or a patriotic shirt, it will go to the veterans funds, unless otherwise stated.

Please check back daily as I am constantly creating new designs and posting them on the site. I still have several designs not on the site yet that I am working on getting up. So, keep checking. Also, feel free to message us on here or Facebook about issues you see that we have missed. Our email is cya@cyaapparel.com. Look us up on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cyaapparel/

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Thanks for visiting our store!